Check back regularly for updates on new exhibitions featuring my fine art photography.

Recent Juried Exhibitions(*Award)

"Juried Photography Competition", Crooked Tree Arts Center, Petoskey (MI) 2014

"The Photography and Digital Imagery Show", Marygrove College, Detroit 2014

“Black & White”, F-Stop Magazine 2013

"Annual Gold Medal Exhibition", The Scarab Club, Detroit 2008, 2010* (Gold Medal) -2013

"Interiors", Still Point Art Gallery 2013

“Hatchback 7”, Hatch Gallery, Hamtramck (MI) 2013

“Our Town”, The Community House, Birmingham 2007-2012

"Aliment: Tasting Contemporary Art", Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens 2012

“Annual Invitational”, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale 2007-2010, 2012

"Michigan Fine Arts Competition", Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center 2009, 2012

"Annual Silver Medal Exhibition", The Scarab Club, Detroit 2011, 2012

"Eat Me: Juried Photography Exhibition", 1650 Gallery & Studio, Los Angeles 2011

“Annual Photography Exhibition”, The Scarab Club, Detroit 2007, 2010, 2011

"Exposures: Photography", Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale 2008, 2009*, 2011

"Annual All Media Exhibition", Detroit Artists Market 2009*, 2010

"Annual Holiday Exhibition", Detroit Artists Market 2009

“Annual All-Media Competition”, The University of Michigan-Dearborn 2007-2009

"Andres Serranno Picks Detroit", CCS-Center Galleries, Detroit 2008

“Annual Greater Michigan Art Exhibition”, Alden B. Dow Museum, Midland 2007, 2008

“Annual: All Media Exhibition”, Ann Arbor Art Center 2007, 2008

"Blooms, Bugs and Beasts", The Scarab Club, Detroit 2008

"Small Works", Northville Art House 2008

"Annual Juried Photography Exhibition", Padzieski Art Gallery Dearborn, 2008

"Michigan Annual", The Anton Art Center Mount Clemens, 2008

"Little Things Mean A Lot!", Lawrence Street Gallery Ferndale, 2007

“Annual Canton Fine Arts Exhibition”, The Village Theater 2007

“Annual Livonia Arts Exhibition”, Livonia Public Library 2007

“Photography Masters Cup”, International Color Awards, London 2007

“Silence”, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Rochester 2007

Recent Solo / Group Exhibitions

"the MUNDANE show"

The Scarab Club (2015)

"Visible, Yet Unseen" (Solo Show)

Huron Valley Council for the Arts (2014)

"Hand-Crafted Photography"

Works by Candace and Eric Law & Anne Storm van Leeuwen

Lawrence Street Gallery (2011)

In this modern age of digital cameras and highly representational imagery, it is fitting that a growing number of artists and photographers are rediscovering the art and craft embodied in vintage techniques from the early days of photography.

This exhibition featured three artists and photographers using vintage techniques to create work that is distinctive and very different from the photographs typically seen by the public. Working independently to explore the boundaries of creativity made possible with these “alternative” processes, they brought together in one exhibition a wide variety of photographs to demonstrate that hand-crafted photography has a vibrant future in the digital age.

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"Pas de Deux (Dance for Two)"

Works by Candace and Eric Law

Scarab Club - Lounge Gallery (2008)

"Pas de Deux" is the French term for a dance with two performers, especially in ballet. By dancing with a partner, the woman can jump higher, take positions she would never be able to on her own, and "float" about the stage as she is carried by her partner. With a dancing partner, the man can extend his line and show off his strength. A pas de deux also describes an intricate relationship or activity involving two parties or things.

We selected pairs of our works for this exhibition which, when seen together, are enhanced by each other as in a pas de deux. Each pairing is accompanied by a single word intended to evoke in the viewer’s mind a relationship between the works and to be a point at which to enter the conversation taking place. We invite you to contemplate each pair and make your own connections.

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