Artist's Statement

You see only the things around youpeople, places, and objects. With a compact camera, smartphone, Facebook, and Instagram, your photographs document “who was there and what I ate”. You post, tag, pin and tweet in a world of personal photojournalism shared through social media.

I see things differentlya world of shapes, patterns, colors, and textures. My photographs bring these attributes into view. When something is observed with  no context, its separate existence ends and its characteristics become the focus. Now you see what is visible, yet unseen, and you are drawn into the intimate dialogue with my world.

Through my work I expose you to a different kind of image. Your experience is with photography that is about something. My photographs invite you to connect with a subject you may not immediately see and challenge you to find meaning in a purely abstract expression.

Modern abstract artist Paul Klee wrote, “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.” This is the essence of fine art photographya visual image created by the artist as photographer.

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